Squirrels live on a far away planet in the metaverse called the Nut hole. This planet is a home of different species, having the military squirrel as the gate keepers. But there are stories of five existing mythical squirrels. One might say they are Legendary squirrels.

One day, the planet was invaded by a powerful magical fox. They want to wipe the planet and take the legendary for themselves. More than half of the squirrels were captured and only 1,111 left. These made the remaining squirrels furious and wanted to fight back the magical fox. Therefore the different species came together to form an alliance in order to defend their plane.
Save the legendary squirrels and rescue other squirrels.


We will make Solnut NFT the desire of everyone by implementing a high yield reward on staking which we will introduce a burning mechanism at the same time to control and keep the price of $Solnut stable.

Proceeds from sales and 50% royalties will be used as well for LP, burns and buybacks to make sure the price of $Solnut stays stable and returning high rewards to our holders who stake.

Members of our DAO will have special rewards which we will reveal as we grow.


Q1 2022

Design and launch of Solnut NFTs

Q1 2022

Listing on secondary market place; Magic Eden,solanart, etc.


Stake your squirrels to receive daily $SOLNUT.
NFT holders can stake thier NFT for high yield of $SOLNUT tokens between $2-$5 everyday


50% of royalties are distributed among holders and 50% goes back to team which a greater percentage is used at keeping the price of $Solnut stable for staking rewards.


We have lots of exciting plans to make this game more engaging and addictive!!!!


More development of the project


Old discord was botted, we switched to a new discord

Yes $Solnut is the foundation of the project and it is gonna serve as both staking reward token and our P2E game currency

We will be listing on ME, Solanart, etc.

1 Sol Public and 0.8 Whitelist

We plan to use either ME or Monkelabs Launchpad and we will doxx to them. If possible, get audited by Rad rugs

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